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Colette + Mike’s day at the Yorkshire Wedding Barn

4 years in the making they finally got to say “i do”.

Collette + Mikes wedding day, at the Yorkshire Wedding Barn has been 4 years in the making! I first met Colette and Mike at a bar in Altrincham in 2018, thats how long they’ve been waiting to get married at their venue, the Yorkshire Wedding Barn. I will never forget that first meeting with Colette when she pulled out an enormous colour coded binder and matter of factly declared she was looking at 27 other photographers! Her and Mike were super lovely, friendly and generally wonderful to be around, I hit it off with them straight away – particularly loving how extremely organised she was from the off. When they had finally whittled their list of 27 wedding photographers down to 3 I felt like I was on the X-factor.

I really got on with Colette + Mike so when they did book, originally for 2020, we all know what happened in 2020 (the less we talk about that the better), I couldn’t wait for their big day. After rescheduling 4 times, Colette’s supremely organised nature really had a moment to shine. I had setup a special c-word calendar so that we worked together each of the times they rescheduled to find a date that worked, completely heart breaking for them both.

In 2020 during a brief break in the constant lockdowns we managed to get out for an engagement shoot in Macclesfield Forest, where I got to spend some quality time with the couple. Mike is a total jokester and spends all of his time trying to make Colette laugh, the most endearing feature ever. He is constantly joking about and absolutely adores, his now wife, Colette.

2 years later and here we were, what was originally a summer wedding, finally ended up a winter wedding out at the Yorkshire Wedding Barn in January – they had a mix of rain and sun, it was a beautiful day! The food courses were all centered around their favourite cuisines and places they had been together, from a Mexican starter, to an Italian main, through to a British dessert. They hired a land rover defender as their wedding car, we got some fantastic shots around it and went out for a cruise in it later on for portraits.

Colette’s ride or die best friend, Ferg, also referred to as GB#2 (the Ginger Bridesmaid) did a speech (I love love love it when women speak at weddings), she was SO nervous, but nailed it. One of my favourite moments after the speech was Ferg’s follow-up with a rap, fresh prince of Bel-air style but changing the words to be about her and Colette – absolutely amazing!

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