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My journey in Analogue.

Like most I started shooting film at college, 20 years ago, I shot, developed and scanned all the film in lab (damn i miss that smell –  if you know, you know). I love how film is so imperfect, the margins are so fine. You would go and do your shoot and come back to develop it, and then discover it had all gone wrong, so you would reshoot and keep going until it worked out and all the stars aligned, its such a cathartic process.

So why do I shoot film now?

It’s been so refreshing to see film become popular again, along with vinyl – we lost something with digital, nothing is and was tangible whereas now everything is coming back, like the 90’s. I’ve been adding film into my packages for the past 12 months, the clients joy at seeing these imperfect yet timeless prints has been something pretty incredible, waiting for the film to be developed and the anticipation of those margins either working or not, has added excitement into the process for me and the couples I’ve shot.

I’m not someone who “pixel peeps” or get’s obsessed on how pin sharp an image is. For me it’s more about how that image makes you feel.

Film has soul.

I knew introducing analogue would add another level of creativity, pleasure & that anticipation of receiving your images that aren’t on a computer.  So after doing a trial run throughout the 2023 wedding season I officially announced the package in January 2024.

I think the greatest part has been the new people I have met through Camera Crib hosting various events & the awesome folk at Come Through who are my go to for developing all my film.

What film stock is in your cameras?

Really feeling Portra 400 (not the price mind), Cinestill 800T & Kodak Ektar 100. Black & White I’m a big fan of Ilford HP5. I usually get my film through Analogue Wonderland

What’s in my bag?
  • Leica MP (black paint) + Voigtländer Ultron 28 F2
  • Leica M6 Panda + Leica Summilux 35 f1.4 ASPH
  • Contax T2
  • Polaroid SX-70
  • Leica Sofort 2

Really excited to be shooting more film in 2024 & beyond!!

Thinking about adding a 35mm Film + Polaroids, to your wedding package or considering a fully analogue wedding? Check out my investment page for more info.