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OMGGGGG!!! We woke up and was like, he’s been!!! Popped up in bed, wedding playlist on, coffee in hand and we just went through them all…. TWICE.  We cried and laughed and cried and smiled and it was just the BEST THING.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! You were so great on the day to, a real guest rather than our photographer.  

Ginger Beard, what can we say?! Best wedding photographer ever. Invisible at the most intimate and important moments then part of the gang at ALL the fun parts. 

Paul captured us looking so cool and amazing, all in love and happy, made our venues shine and our guests delighted at how fab they all look when they’re laughing and dancing. 

You know you have a picture in your head of how you want your wedding photos to turn out, Ginger Beard is WAY BETTER than that. We have been staring at them ever since he dropped them to us. The sneak peak a couple of days after the wedding was the best thing to happen since saying ‘I do’, and the full set will keep is going forever.


Ceremony:  The Asylum & Maverick Projects

Venue:  Mad Locations, One Friendly Place

Event Organiser:  The Wedding Arrangers

Hair:  Victoria Ralph Hair

Flowers:  SAGE Flowers

Cake:  Paxton & Whitfield

Band:  Natalie Williams Soul Family

Tell me briefly about the build up to your wedding day?

It was awesome. We prioritised food and music, followed by photographer and flowers. Everything else we tried to keep as simple and cheap as possible. We chipped away at the planning, doing a little bit each week so it never felt overwhelming. We knew we wanted to have a big party and everything else fitted in around that. We made all the big decisions together and then did lots of our own little jobs. Loved it!

How did you meet?

In a meeting! Silas walked into a meeting Georgina was having with his business partner and POW it was love at first sight. For Georgina anyway! We hung out together at parties and festivals and then got it on!

How did you propose?

Silas proposed at midnight at a house party on New Year’s Eve in front of all of Georgina’s friends. It was so much fun, romantic, over the top and brilliant. We got smashed afterwards!

Why did you choose your venue?

Georgina knew someone who had just got married at The Asylum and then someone else suggested One Friendly Place.

We knew we wanted to get married close to home in Brixton. We saw them, booked them, didn’t bother looking at anywhere else. They were PERFECT. Especially for a winter wedding as we didn’t rely on having outdoor space.

What did you love about your dress, suit and accessory choices?

They were very US. The dress (lace top and skirt) was from Monsoon bridal and Silas’ trousers were from Topman. But we added to those pieces with special accessories and Silas had a custom Tux jacket made with Liberty print lining, which we also used for the pocket squares and to tie the bouquet and flowers.

The brides shoes were bought many moons ago before we even met. Georgina had always wanted Terry de Havilland shoes and these were a collaboration with Anya Hindmarch and BEAUTIFUL.

All the jewellery was borrowed or cheap! Oh except some diamond earrings. The hair piece was from Eden B, handmade and utterly gorgeous. The veil was Georgina’s sister’s from her wedding. Ultimately we looked like a rocking bride and groom in really special but cool outfits not dissimilar to stuff we might normally wear.

Where did your ideas for your theme come from?

We didn’t have one! We just included things we love like Liberty print and bright colours. We ditched traditional wedding things like the cake or canapes and had pizza delivery in the chapel and loads of bags of crisps at the reception. There was an Italian theme to the meal and wine, because that’s what we love to eat.

Why did you choose your first dance song?

Silas played Georgina Anderson Paak ‘Am I Wrong’ the first time he came to her flat. We love the artist and have seen him at many gigs and festivals. It was a no brainer. We asked Georgina’s friend Rebecca to help with the routine. We loved doing it so much.

What was your favourite part of the day?

Seeing each other for the first time in the chapel. The ceremony itself. The speeches. The first dance. ALL OF IT.

What made you choose Ginger Beard Weddings to capture your day?

We saw some shots from a friend’s wedding in the same venue. We really wanted Ginger Beard straight away. He also loves similar things to us, so we knew we’d get on well. His portfolio really sold him in but as soon as we met, we were like, YES HE IS THE ONE.

We had such a laugh on the day, so relaxed, so fun and the pictures are incredible.

What advice would you give to couples planning their wedding day?

Be yourselves. Don’t spend money on things like stationary. Be realistic. Remember it’s just one day, it’s your love for each other and friends and family that will be with you together. Saying that, it is the best day of your life so breathe and enjoy every month. It is the best feeling in the world.

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Venue:  Holmes Mill

MUA/Hair:  Lily & Remi


How did you meet?

We met in California over 10 years ago, while Oliver was on a trip with some friends.  We stayed friends over the years.  Then about 6 years ago Annette and her friend Tiffany came over to England for a girls trip.  Oliver played the amazing host. We reconnected one night and a few Guinness’s later.  We have been on so many adventures since then.

How did you propose:  I flew us out to Miami, midway between California and Lancashire. We hired a car and drove to the Florida Keys and South Beach Miami. We saw The Chainsmokers play. I had a couple of locations in mind and eventually settled on a quiet sunset at Fort Zachary Taylor on the tip of Key West, we were laying on the rocks and I knelt on one next to Annette, strangely she took a selfie of us a moment before I asked her.

How did you choose your venue?

Well we had two weddings (I can feel the eye rolls haha). One in sunny California one in jolly old England. Our venue in England was Holmes Mill, Clitheroe and was perfect for our personalities. It was at a classy brewery and the room was a statement piece of its own. It has so much character and class. Clitheroe town is absolutely adorable as well. It really made for a beautiful backdrop.

What did you love about your dress, suit & accessories choices?

Both of my wedding dresses were stunning. I love the bohemian style.  I didn’t want a heavy dress, something easy light weight and simple.  One that I can runaround in and not need an  Entourage to help me pee.  I love tassels and  sentimental accerrories, I’m glad I was able to incorporate both.

I loved that both my suit and my shoes were British brands, I also decided to buy Annette’s ring in England and mine in USA albeit very last minute! Sorry Annette haha…And I loved Annette’s dress changes

Where did the ideas for your theme come from?

I love simple but bold statements. Holmes Mill’s room speaks for itself. So I didn’t want to over dress and hide it’s beauty. The room is a statement piece all on its own. So I opted for loads of candles and a simple floral plan. Cotton flower and eucalyptus is always classy with a pop of fresh fruit accents. And of course a sea of candles.

Why did you choose your first dance song and where did it come from?

We had two weddings, Annette came up with a brilliant idea that I, without telling Annette, would choose the first dance for the American wedding and she would choose the song for the English wedding. I chose Disclosure: You and Me, because after all the partying is done and the weddings are over, no matter what happens, it’s going to be You and Me Annette, everything we’ve ever dreamed, I’ll stick with you through the good and the bad! Together, Ginger Adventures

I chose a duet cover of Ellie Goulding’s love me like you do. The lyrics speak for themselves. Why I chose the song for us will be Oliver and I little secret.

What was your favourite part of the day?

The little moments we got to share alone with each other. We got to spend the day out just the two of us taking photos before the big party. It was fun just loving on each other for hours while taking fun photos in different locations.

What made you choose Ginger Beard Weddings to capture your wedding day?

We were still hunting around for a photographer with only a little over a week to spare before our big day.  Annette went to Instagram to try and find photographers and was she in luck.  We stumbled on a gorgeous photo with the photography style we both loved. Then we clicked on it and the name was fate……Ginger Beard ???? to match Oliver’s Ginger Beard. We were so lucky he had availability for our day.  Paul went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable, beautiful and special. He would literally stop traffic for that perfect photo . He put so much time and effort in location scouting, timing and weather for our special day.  I suggest you hire him now before he is booked out.

What advice would you give to any couples planning their wedding?

I know everyone says don’t stress, however this is inevitable! Of course your going to stress over your big day!  Just remember something is bound to go wrong or not how you expected the day of.  It’s all in how you react to the situation, stay calm and remember the whole reason for today is you get to marry your best friend, partner in crime, love of your life and start your lives together.
Don’t get caught up in the hype.  Don’t let social media or anyone make you feel bad for having a simple or extravagant wedding of your dreams. Spend money on the things you cherish most. And celebrate each little thing because it goes by so fast

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