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An awe-inspiring couple and wedding venue, the Mount Without

Alternative wedding at Saint Michael on the Mount Without in Bristol.

You know it’s meant to be when Rosy & Liam told me one their favourite artists was City & Colour especially when I walked into prep and “A Pill for Loneliness” on vinyl is on the mantelpiece. You love to see it. 

I met Rosy & Liam for their pre-wedding session back in May 2021, we wandered around Manchester’s Northern Quarter. They met here but since have moved, these 2 came all the way up from Bristol to make a weekend of it and hit up all of my favourite bars – ABC Brewery, Wolf at the Door & Rudys. As Liam said “As soon as we saw that you liked City & Colour, Carhartt & Craft Beer, we knew we had found the right photographer” Well you two are awesome.

After spending an afternoon with these two I knew their wedding at the mount without in Bristol was going to be super special and it really  was. From nipple cover convos in the morning, bromances galore with the groomsmen and many many shots of cafe patron later….. I’m gutted it’s over!! You two are truly a special couple, thank you for making me such an integral part of your day, your friends and family were just THE best


Rosy and Liam, absolute dream team – they welcomed me into their fold as another family member. My day had began on a train from London following the previous day’s wedding, I turned up to prep just as there was a serious debate going down from one of the bridesmaids whether to wear nipple covers of not. 


So much respect and admiration for Michele & her team @themountwithout this was their SECOND wedding (EVER) your vision and attention to detail has massively paid off, it is truly one the most incredible and iconic wedding venues I have ever had the pleasure to photograph.

The unique vintage furniture throughout the mount without in Bristol is perfectly positioned for some rather dramatic grandiose group shots that wouldn’t look out of place In vogue, especially with this group of rockstar’s.

One of my favourite weddings of the year, without a doubt, not one wedding guest got their phone out during the ceremony…every single guest was in the moment with Rosy & Liam and that continued throughout the day and night.

Clifton Village is pretty epic for wedding portraits, so many colourful buildings and angles to play with, on Rosy & Liams wedding day at St. Michael on the mount without however it was pouring down with rain so we were a little limited on what we could do. Rosy had, a minor meltdown when her dress got wet, but I promised her it would be worth it, that and she had a backup dress for the evening prepared for this exact moment! 

The party moved down to the crypt, it’s the first time I’ve had a wedding party in a crypt but what a venue!! We wound our way around the old church of Stein Michael on the mount without and entered the crypt by the side door, descending into dark alcoves and an ancient stone floor. Flourished with a band, bric-a-brac furniture, epic lightning and a fully stocked bar and you have a ridiculously good venue for one hell of a party. Aside from some of the elderly guests and visiting the bar, I don’t think I saw anyone leave the dancefloor all night.

WHAT A WEDDING. Could not wait to share more of Rosy & Liam’s epic day!! From EXPERT level confetti throwing to GRAND MASTERS at necking tequila shots. This one had it all!! I think I was 90% Cafe Patron when I woke up on Sunday. So much love for these two!! 

Oh and just a side note, this confetti shot was chosen for a reportage award, by This is Reportage, out of 11,000 images!!

See Rosie + Liam’s St. Michaels on Mount Without gallery below:


Wedding Prep








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