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Morocco Wedding Photographer

Some Marrakesh photography from my recent trip

February 14th for some is Valentines, for me it’s my BDAY! To celebrate this year I packed my bags and took the first flight out to Marrakesh when the borders reopened. 

Marrakesh airport is absolutely stunning, the processing of documents and getting you out the door and into that moroccan sun is extremely well planned out, from touching down to landing in the Riad Dar One, I think it took an hour tops.

The Riad was magical all on its own, in the Jewish quarter near the Bahia Palace it was hidden down a side street, round some corners and found in a maze of old orange walls and kids playing football down the tiny narrow lanes. The team at Riad Dar One were particularly amazing, they couldn’t do enough to help you or guide you on your travels.

Once bags were ditched I grabbed the latest addition to my camera quiver, my Leica Q2 and headed to the Medina to take in the sights and start snapping some street photography. The Medina and the souks were a sight to behold, capturing them was absolute joy – the streaks of light bursting through the rafters and many a face for it to land on.

I knew street photography wouldn’t be easy out there – I didn’t think it would be quite as challenging as it was! I spent so much time using my ninja skills to get my pictures before someone yelled at me or demanded cash, those ninja skills came in pretty handy a few times, especially when lost and cornered by some guys demanding payment for getting me lost in the first place (!)

I was extremely grateful for my new Leica Q2, not only was it compact and so much less noticeable than my Leica SL2S, it is completely silent and shoots quick enough to get the shot and slip out of the way in time to not be noticed. As you’ll see below, I didn’t always get away unnoticed but sometimes my ninja skills paid off.

Day 2 of shooting led me to the palaces, starting with La Bahia Palace (my most favourite place to take pictures!) to get a wedding couple in this place would be the real dream! This place was right next to the riad which was pretty handy. Tonight was dinner at El Fenn, what a hotel – a wedding at El Fenn in Marrakesh would be a sight to see, close enough to the gardens of the mosque and the Medina to have some epic portraits whilst having access to their soho house vibes rooftop with a bar, pool and incredible restaurant.

Day 3, BDAY! This day Called for some decadence, hitting up the spa for a massage at (I know now) one of the fanciest hotels in Marrakesh – La Sultana, getting the pool to myself was a bit of a win – this like many of the hotels were extremely empty as a result of the border closures. Lunch on the rooftop at Odette, followed by another explore of the souks with some serious bartering for good measure.  

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If you’re going to Morocco of thinking of getting married there here are some learnings from my trip:

  • The riads are little slices of heaven, for a small wedding they would be incredible accommodation
  • The vast majority of Berber & Moroccan people are wonderful
  • The food is incredible and cooked with real passion, no matter where you go
  • Ignore people offering you directions, or telling you somewhere is closed – it’s always a con
  • Plan your day rather than just wandering, make sure you know where you’re going – the place is a maze.
  • Keep spare change in your pockets (just incase)
  • The Orange juice Is the best you will ever taste
  • Bartering in the souks is brilliant fun
  • Take spare luggage to fit all the stuff you bought in the souks

My next places to visit in Morocco are Essaouira, Imsouane, Taghazout, Fez and Casablanca – any recommendations hit me up!

Check out my images below to give you a feel for what you could expect from me if i were your Morocco wedding photographer:

Looking for a Morocco wedding photographer or already have your heart set on the Marrakesh? Get in touch, if you’re not ready for a chat, check out some of my epic Destination weddings.