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Steve + Warren’s Elegant Lady Lever Art Gallery Wedding

An LGBTQ wedding in Port Sunlight on the Wirral, with a perfect golden hour and a fantastic group of mates

I go pretty far back with Steven, we used to work together in a pub in the Wirral more years ago than I want to count, we used to go out in Liverpool to Garlands, superstar boudoir, walkabout. I shot a wedding in 2019 at Titanic in Liverpool, one of the bridesmaids, Lindsay (one of the nicest people I’ve ever met at a wedding) recommended me to Ste following that wedding and rather wonderfully Ste and Warren sought me out for both a catch-up and to talk about their wedding.

Steve and Warren met at Hamilton Square 6 years a, a train station on the Wirral, Ste would see Warren every day whilst they both commuted, he then put some effort into some high quality stalking to find Warren on Social media. He eventually plucked up the courage to ask him out, Warren responded pretty quickly and the rest is history.

Wedding prep was great fun, everyone was drinking little cocktails, Warren bought Ste a watch and he was shaking so much once his suit was on he couldn’t even fasten it, truly lovely to see.

They both wore Tuxedos for the wedding day, looking phenomenally dapper – really elegant outfits and matching louboutin’s, which finished the look off perfectly.

Ceremony was a few mins down the road from Prep at the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight, built by Lord Lever, with a stunning backdrop of some of the UK’s finest collections of fine and decorative art. The reception was held in Edgerton house, owned by the company warren works for, located in a pretty industrial area on the docks and a swing bright, with the sun coming down perfectly in the evening.

The night started out with hard house, following by a lot of pop classics like Britney, 5ive and lady gaga demanded by the girls, it was a proper laugh.

For Portraits we toured the gallery in the afternoon and then golden hour pictures by the bridge with the sun peaking through, we even managed a third round just before the sunset with deep golden light pushing through the sky. Steven and Warren brought with them a bottle of champagne and some beautiful flutes that Warren’s nan had left him from her Ruby wedding anniversary, the perfect time to get them out whilst stealing a minute away together as the sun set.

My favourite bit of the day was when I put on seven wonder by Fleetwood Mac (their first dance song)  on my phone and they practiced their first dance on the swing bridge as the sun came down, a surreal moment for both of them, totally in love and living every second of their day.

See Steve and Warren’s elegant LGBTQ Lady Lever Art Gallery Wedding below:


Wedding Prep





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