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Saz + Wez’s Hacienda Classic

A classic Manchester weekender of a wedding at Gorilla

Sarah and Michael, affectionately known as Saz + Wez are both from both from Penrith. They had the same circle of friends and met at a house party, where they both slept on the floor in the kitchen, at first they didn’t like each other but the rest is history

They moved to Manchester together, where Saz became an honorary Manc, going to places like 42’s, and South. She go really into that oasis/stone roses vibe, even moving to burgage, the birth place of oasis.

I put a post our about who wants to have a consult and some beers, and Sarah got in touch straight away – we want this! So they came in and we had a chat over a few beers, where Wez told me about the proposal boner, its exactly as it sounds, which has set the standard for all proposals in future – if you don’t get a proposal boner are you even into it ✌️

They postponed their wedding at Gorilla a few times due to the pandemic and almost lost the venue altogether when Gorilla went out of business during the pandemic, but thankfully it was saved and the wedding remained. Heartbreaking for everyone involved, its an incredible gig venue and a fantastic city centre wedding venue – very pleased it’s not going anywhere.

Saz got ready at her mates at the very fitting hacienda building and Wes got ready nearby, when he turned up in a 3 piece pink suit, with his long silver locks flowing I thought “you are the man”.

You can get married in the gin bar upstairs at Gorilla, or at the back in the gig space, Saz + Wez chose the latter, putting in a funky backdrop and a lot of pink lighting. Saz wore a white silk, kind of leopard print jumpsuit with an epic headdress, with platforms – what an outfit.

Their best friend officiated the wedding, since they got married in lockdown with a zoom garden party afterwards – absolute legends.

This wedding was all about the party, the day timelines were pretty tight but we still managed to fit in 2 portrait sessions, lots of cheers from people on the street and “portrait beers”. The evening kicked off with a band and DJ Carlton Delingo, a lot of crowd surfing and lots of people on each others shoulder. The whole day was a vibe, I think I have a bit of a crush on both of them.

See Saz + Wes eclectic city centre wedding at Gorilla below:


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