7 Reasons to have an engagement shoot.

You’re getting married and you’re worried about having your photo taken or you want photos that aren’t selfies, drunk night out photos or badly taken pics on an iPhone.

You came to the right place (or website) you know what I mean… Here is my thoughts on why it’s a good idea on having a couple’s session wether you are getting married or not.

1. Let me just take a selfie.

Let’s face it 90% of your photos are probably selfies, am I right? Or your drunk night out pics which are usually out of focus (albeit fun) it’s just not the same. So non awkward, non selfie and super fun “unposed” shots of the two of you. Sounds awesome right?

2. Getting to know you.

I go on about this quite a lot but it’s important. I love building up a relationship with all my couples so meeting for a drink and taking some photos in an environment you feel comfortable with is the perfect way to calm the nerves. DOUBLE BONUS you get to know me as well because having a strong bond with your photographer leads to more natural and fun photos.

3. Anecdotes and Stories.

This falls in with getting to know you but in more depth.

So typically the session lasts around one hour. Either side of that hour we can get a coffee or beer and have a chat. This is where I hear all sorts of stories about the two of you, your friends and your family. I like to use any stories you tell me on the day of your wedding to make your guests laugh and feel more at ease with me. It really does work and having this relationship makes guests think I’m not just your photographer but maybe a friend as well.

4. The Comfort Zone.

“I hate my photo being taken” or “I’m really awkward in front of the camera” HOLD MY BEER. This is where I excel. **Disclaimer, I hate my photo being taken but I got over it. Why? Because I have photographer friends who put me at ease in front of the camera. That is 80% of our job! Not just taking the photos but our personalties/experience getting the best out of you two. All the couples in this Journal post dreaded having their photo taken but we were so busy having fun they all totally let their guard’s down and pushed themselves outside their comfort zones.

5. Location, Location, Location.

Where is the question? Somewhere you love taking the dog for a walk, maybe a City with graffiti and a few bars or maybe the beach? We can discuss this leading up to the shoot but I’m up for anything. You want to go hiking? No problem.

6. Be Yourself.

What you wear is part of who you are. I’m head to toe in Carhartt + Air Force Ones and I’m comfortable with that. Come as you are, be yourself and wear something you feel great in + make sure you sort of match as well.

7. Remember to have Fun.

It’s the chance to spend some time together, be silly, have fun and get out of your comfort zone. Enjoy it! We will have a right laugh and get to know each other.

Here’s what one of my couple’s said from a shoot in 2019.

Paul made us feel at ease from the get go, and it’s his rapport with his clients that allows him to make you feel this way. This really shows in the pictures Paul captures.

We loved all of our shot from the engagement shoot right through to the wedding collection of our big day!

I can’t recommend Paul highly enough. He’s a great photographer and a great guy! – Gemma & Ross

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