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Charlotte + Dan, Caribbean Wedding

From Northumberland and Horsham to the tiny island of Nevis….

Still not over this week with Charlotte & Dan (plus their three amazing kids) in the Caribbean 🙌 I don’t think I would have ever visited Nevis if it wasn’t for them and what an incredible little island it was 🧡

How do you end up getting married on this tiny island, completely off the beaten track with your nearest and dearest in tow? Thats quite a story, but a very wholesome one. Dan’s parents have been coming to Nevis for over 15 years, eventually owning a property out there and an aunty who ended up married into the family who own and run this lovingly restored hotel, The Hermitage Inn.

Dan and Charlotte may win an award for how laid back they were with their wedding, really taking island life by the horns. Their guests were all up for a party and geared up for a full week of adventure from a catamaran trip to Saint Kitts, Dan’s stag do involving some questionable island liqor and some lost luggage resulting in the best shopping experience of my life (i will never forget helping the other Paul choose between the spongebob and spiderman boxershorts in an island supermarket).

Nestled in the heart of the West Indies, the island of Nevis is a hidden gem that offers a captivating backdrop for your dream Caribbean wedding. With its unspoiled beauty, rich history, and enchanting landscapes, Nevis offers a destination wedding experience unlike any other. Nevis was the perfect setting for a family focussed wedding, incredible food, tons of room for kids to run around in and absolutely lethal rum punch killer bee’s at the legendary sunshines bar.

We arrived at the jetty on Saint Kitts to be met by Stingray swimming past, before jumping on the water taxi over to Nevis. The Nevisians are so incredible welcoming, genuine warm hospitality is always on offer and the islands truly authentic charm can’t help but affect you as you settle in. Nevis, with its tropical beauty, rich history, and warm hospitality, sets the stage for an unforgettable destination wedding photography experience in the West Indies.

On our first morning there i was woken up by loud bangs, only to look out the window to see the local cowboys, an small group of monkeys, launching mangos at one of the roofs – this turned out to be a daily hilarious occurrence from 6am.

Charlotte and Dan exchanged vows at the Cottle Church built almost 200 years ago and has weathered many hurricanes and earthquakes, yet it still stands. We chased the light back to The Hermitage which is honestly like stepping back in time and is one of the most unique hotels on Nevis 🙌. We partied well into the small hours fuelled by rum punch (or the killer bee as they are known on Nevis). The day after we sat having lunch in a beach bar, with some unexpected visitors, 3 turtles bobbing around in the water nearby – what a way to end this incredible trip.

Awesome Suppliers:

Ceremony: @nevisnaturally
Venue: @hermitagenevis
Designer: @marrime_bridalwear
Boutique: @janehillbridal
Flowers: @famsnevis

See Charlotte + Dan’s Caribbean wedding at The Hermitage Inn, Nevis below:






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