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⚡️2022 IN A NUTSHELL⚡️

DEEP BREATH…. What a F**KING YEAR. Can I get a hell yeah? (sorry I robbed that one from Mr @andygainesphotography AKA one of the founding fathers of @ninedotsco) Hope you don’t mind fella 😎

It’s been both incredible & challenging. 67 amazing weddings all across the UK & Europe which as my friends keep pointing out… yes that’s more than one a week 🤦‍♂️😂

Started the year off right attending the very inspiring @docday_ which helped shape my 2022, testing my documentary skills and forever begging the question…. What would @darrenkirwanphotography do? 🤔

Speaking of documentary a massive SHOUT OUT to @thisisreportage for pushing me this year to improve, learn and if you saw the P.A.R.T.Y on a boat last week…. meeting awesome new photo pals along the way 🙌 It truly is one of the best communities in our industry 🧡

Without TIR I wouldn’t have found out about @ninedotsco which again was brilliant in so many ways 🧡 meeting new people, learning, supporting each other & again partying extremely hard 🤘 Already secured my ticket for 2023 and if you’re sitting on the fence I suggest you do the same.

We have such an incredible community & support network and without some of these amazing people I would have been a bit screwed this year. I genuinely thought at the start of 2022 this might be my last year shooting weddings, I was still recovering from a knee operation and after starting the season I found that I could barely walk to the kitchen after a wedding…. So I needed some help. Thank you @chloemaryphoto photosbyjessrose_ @paul_marbrook @carlablain_photography you’re all LEGENDS Oh and I’m totally recovered now, all thanks to my physio (brutal AF) & @crossfitancoats (which joining was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made 👏)

But I couldn’t have done any of this without my UNBELIEVABLE couples who put their trust in me, understood the assignment & just let me do my thing. This year I shot with zero pressure and was able to really express myself creatively and explore the documentary side of my ever expanding game 💪

Icing on the cake though after such a crazy year was being named as one of the TOP 50 wedding photographers in the WORLD for @thisisreportage & one of the TOP 50 BEST OF THE BEST wedding photos in the world by @junebugweddings ⚡️

I’m signing off now to eat, drink and be very merry before jetting off to New Zealand for January ✌️