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Flawless LGBTQ Barcelona Wedding – Jessica + Sasha

The perfect non-traditional LGBTQ Destination wedding in Barcelona.

When I first met Sasha + Jess, after almost two years of trying to meet up like passing ships in the night or in our case Manchester and London, I was completely blown away by how much we had in common as we sat out on a terrace with an ice cold cerveza, in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, we waxed lyrical about our lives, how they met and more.  We sat for an hour and chatted, they told me about their time living in Barcelona and where their lives have taken them since then, it made perfect sense that they would want to come back here to celebrate their nuptials with their loved ones.

Jess is from Manchester, in fact about two minutes away from my office, whereas Sasha is from London, they both went to Manchester Met (like me! we even did the same course) and that’s how they met. After eleven years together they have some cracking stories about their journey from university to where they are today, living in London – with dreams of one day maybe jumping over to the bright lights of LA.

I’m a little bit obsessed with film, I always aim for my wedding and street photography to have a very cinematic vibe, I love movement and using the natural light to capture my couples. When Sasha told me that she edits trailers for a living (she’s essentially going to be Cameron Diaz in The Holiday) and that Jess is a big time events manager I knew they were going to be one of my favourite couples of the year – Organised and obsessed with natural, un-posed photography that captures their day from a documentary perspective, they had even already briefed their guests 3 times to keep their phones away during the ceremony and confetti shots – music to my ears!

On the day Sasha got ready at what would end up being the party villa the day after the wedding, at a place called Masia Santa Monica, in Cami can cabot de munt – an absolutely stunning double villa with two pools and an epic view of the ocean from deep in the Mataro mountains. Jess and her family got ready at Can Mora de Dalt in Raval de Font, another spectacular location with epic views of the sea and lush greenery engulfing the area.

The wedding venue itself is Ca L’lborra, somewhere you would never find if you weren’t looking for it, along dusty tracks amongst tall trees and fields of vines – an absolutely stunning venue with a glorious view of the horizon and perfectly green canopies to enjoy your wedding breakfast under.

It was a 20 minute drive from Masia Santa Monica to Ca L’lborra, Sasha’s uncle Steve was there ready to go, with one of the most spectacular wedding cars I’ve ever seen, a bright Red 1958 corvette (freshly and lovingly waxed by uncle Steve) which was driven over from the UK.  The car had the most beautiful story, Steve’s mum and Sasha’s grandma, Tina, lived in an apartment he owned out in Spain, Sasha’s family are all of Spanish heritage, when she sadly passed they had a decision to keep or sell the apartment and do something sensible with the money OR…… a corvette a a shiny red corvette – obviously he made the right decision. The license plate has Tina written on it, and this is their way of getting Sasha’s grandma to the wedding 🧡.

The Corvette made quite the entrance on the day as did Jess + Sash as they walked down the aisle from opposite aisles (apparently I looked hilarious spinning around trying to capture them both) it was such a beautiful humanist ceremony (they got married in the UK just before flying out) and followed by one of my trademark confetti throws as they took off in The Corvette ready for the reception.  They shared gorgeous intimate speeches to one another during the aperitif, followed by dinner under the canopy and stars.  A surprise Flamenco act later and dancing into the wee hours with a masquerade themed ball for the dancing rounded the day off beautifully.

See Sasha + Jessica’s Barcelona wedding below:


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