Alternative London Wedding Photographer

London offers wedding venues for every type of couple, from the asylum, to beautiful local town halls through to the iconic st. Pauls Cathedral (Named after me obviously).

So you’re looking for an Alternative London Wedding Photographer?

I’m an Alternative London Wedding Photographer, based in Manchester but i travel across the UK and internationally to capture alternative couples wedding days. As an Alternative London Wedding Photographer i’ve covered some incredible venues in the capital, including The Asylum Chapel, Islington Town Hall, St. Pauls Cathedral and Brixton town hall.

I love working with London couples, the options of venues are endless and every wedding seems to have a completely different style and vibe. Any opportunity to shoot fun, individual couples in and around shoreditch, brixton or central London and you’ve got me hooked!

Which London Wedding Venue?

When working in London i often find myself working with the teams at The Wedding Arrangers or with Mad Locations two of the best suppliers in the city. I’ve even seen The Wedding Arrangers setup a reception dinner in a car park, i didn’t even realise it was a car park until the end of the night!! Check out this Asylum Chapel Wedding for that treat.

Mad Locations are a small company who own event locations all with a quirky atmosphere and generally epic backdrops for your wedding and photos. Each Mad location has a studio manager and come pretty much as you see them on their websites for you to dress up as you wish – i’m a big fan! See an example of Mad Locations Wedding.

Another corker of a venue is Shoreditch Studios, which as a photographer i can’t not love – its a photographic studio right in the middle of Shoreditch, a stones throw away from Hoxton and some unbelievable graffiti for the BEST portraits!

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