About the beard

Inviting a photographer to share one of the most personal days for you both as a couple is both special and significant, so it’s not only important that I get to know you, but that you get to know me too.

I get obsessed with things.  Cameras & Bikes has always been the mainstay.  Both of these passions get me excited in very different ways; Cameras because of the feeling you get chasing that perfect moment, that perfect light and the perfect setting.  Bikes because of that feeling when you are all alone climbing a mountain knowing how incredible it’s going to be on the other side flying down with nothing but the wind in your ears.  Catching your breath and feeling your heart beat out of your chest, sticking to the wheel in front of you and just that feeling of climbing on your bike just before a big ride out.  You can’t measure both but it’s the same feeling.

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Me in a nutshell

Born & raised in New Zealand, I moved to the UK twenty years ago.

A cycle enthusiast both road & track.  My pride and joy is my FIXED GEAR (pictured below)

CRISP addict, Asian Cuisine and I especially LOVE NOODS (noodles)

My dream car is a Land Rover Defender.  

Favourite drink is an Old Fashioned and I am partial to an IPA.

Glasses obsession.  Currently on eight pairs and counting!  

A bit of a sneaker head.  I want to grow my collection but my house couldn’t cope!

Would love to tour South East Asia, Japan & The Americas.  The dream would be in a Landy! 

I cycle toured New Zealand in 2016.  3OOOKM in 30 days climbing lots and lots of mountains.

I have an obsession with Iceland. Been FIVE times now!

Film Fanatic, Top 5:  Raiders of the Lost Ark, Heat, American Psycho, Blade Runner & The Dark Knight.

Top 5 recording artists:  Sigur Ros, City & Colour, The National, John Mayor & Father John Misty. 


While at first I didn’t picture myself ever being a wedding photographer, it felt like too much of a cliche, but that was before I discovered how to capture the experience of a wedding in my own way. I genuinely enjoy connecting with my couples and building relationships, as much as I love capturing their special day. I know I’ve done a great job when I can see the delight across my clients faces when they have that first look at the images we’ve created.

Thanks to my film background, my style is distinctly cinematic. I use this to add a unique and innovative perspective to the scenes I see before my lens, capturing what feels like candid but perfect moments that all together, tell your own story. With a subtle documentary style that is unobtrusive, without being posed, it feels natural and makes you at ease. A lot of my couples are camera shy, so having this kind of approach to my photography makes you feel more comfortable, and that makes for the best photos! If you want to follow what I’m up to and see more of my personal/travel antics I’m on instagram: @gingerbeard_photo