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7 Reasons to have an Engagement Photoshoot

Meet your wedding photographer, learn what style you like & get comfortable in front of the lens with an Engagement Photoshoot

Looking for alternative fun engagement shoot? photos that aren’t selfies? Read all about my thoughts on couple’s sessions and book yourself an Engagement photoshoot with me.

  1. Get to know your photographer, so you’ve booked someone you liked on Instagram or they photographed your friends wedding but have you got to know them yet? Your photographer will capture your day in their style but if they get to know you then they’ll get to understand more about you and what you’re looking for out the day. Generally the better the photographer knows you the better your images will be, because you’re going to be more relaxed around them.
  2. Which bring me to you getting more comfortable in front of the camera – almost every couple i meet tells me that they’re super nervous and don’t know what to do when they’re having their picture taken. An Engagement photoshoot is the perfect way to find your angles, get your confidence up and as a bonus get some kick-ass photos of you and your favourite person that aren’t selfies.
  3. opportunity to have photos instead of selfies! Most people have loads of photos of them and their impending significant other but most will be out of focus, too close, obscured by a glass of wine or dreaded drunk eyes! Also the photos are great to use on your wedding website/invites/xmas cards/billboards etc.
  4. Dogs love the camera, i kid you not! I often encourage my couples to bring their furry friends on their engagement photoshoot with them, for some ‘family’ portraits.
  5. Discover the photographic style you like, when you book a wedding photographer it is so important to pick them based on their style and not other qualities, at the end of the day you want to frame your photos and enjoy them for years to come so if you have an engagement photoshoot its the perfect opportunity to confirm that their style is what you’re looking for before you book.
  6. You get to have a pint with me – i’m probably reaching here but it’s as good a reason as any to have an engagement shoot.
  7. An idea of what it’ll be like on the day. On your wedding day it will fly, i mean you blink and its over! Your wedding photographer will ensure you get time away to chill and absorb the day as a couple for quiet moments whilst they take your portraits. During your engagement photoshoot your wedding photographer will talk you through a full wedding day whilst capturing your good side and making you feel at home in front of the camera.

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