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100 Barrington, Alternative London Wedding

Michelle + Tim’s non-traditional 100 Barrington Wedding in Brixton, London

Michelle + Tim had planned pretty much the perfect alternative London wedding, they both absolutely love trying different beers, in particular a stout. They are also big fans of Dulwich Hamlet and get there as often as they can. On the wedding day they started their day at Dogs grandad brewery for a relaxed pint before the wedding ceremony. Michelle + Tim got married at the beautiful Lambeth Town Hall, followed by a trip to Canova Hall for the most delicious pizza. Then when it the time came to head over to 100 Barrington for their party it transpired a ton of their tasty IPA’s had gone missing, step in Brixton Brewery who came to the rescue with tons of beers to get the party started with! Michelle + Tim arrived to their 100 Barrington Wedding in style, thanks to a friend of their who lent them their stunning white Triumph for the day.

This was a fantastic day to capture, we moved right throughout Brixton, capturing some epic street photography along the way and stopping off for quick beers on each corner!

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